"Success is a fear that has been overcome through the years."

Tiny Voices is founded by Yza, a science and darknet enthusiast/researcher. Tiny Voices' goal is to voice out various voices in different aspects. I am encouraging you to voice out your thoughts in this world.


A nice place where to learn many things, enjoy my write ups :)

Behind the Cyber World

There are a lot of people who knows who am I in this world but many kept asking me, who are you really?

A 20 year old girl from the northern part of the country, famous on her contents on DarkNet but behind these, there is a more darker Ysa that anyone wouldn't able to see.

I began my journey last year on exploring the deep web, gathering information and socializing myself in an unknown part of the internet but before that, I am already a science enthusiast in a sense that I took up a course that will satisfy my curiosity on science. I was so curious not on the things around me, I was curious what science has to offer for my life. Becoming a medical technologist, a person who always I wanted be. A person I can help for other person while exploring the darkest secrets of science and this world we are all got in touch.

My daily life is not that easy, spending my day in a hospital, exposed to different substances, collecting samples and analyzing them. It might be so easy to think that but it isn't.