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When our parents are Old and Easy to Take for Granted
(Written by EllaiZa)

[ I was scrolling down on a social media site when I across this blog, I have read also her other works and so far this one really caught the attention many users also. A blog for us to reflect also, cherish the moments with our parents. ]

From birth, we have lived under the guidance and rules of our parents, they were the WORLD to us, then it happened WE GREW UP. When we step into another stage of our lives, we often feel that we are independent enough to make our own decisions. We sometimes take them for granted, without considering that at their >age, they have WORRIES TOO:

There are LOTS OF THINGS THEY CAN'T DO ANYMORE. They may look back on their lives, how they fared in their youth, maybe even feel some regret. In all this, WHETHER THEY ADMIT IT OR NOT, they TURN TO US FOR COMFORT.

They may not be the decision makers anymore, but our parents still wish to be HEARD AND ACKNOWLEDGED. If they tend to be TACKLESS and CALLOUS, its because they feel LEFT OUT.

Even in their infirmity,they hope they remain a vital presence in our lives. Whatever happens, always listen first. HARD TO DO because we always anticipate what they will say, so that what comes out of our mouth is not pleasant to hear. WE CAN'T CONTROL HOW OUR PARENTS THINK, BUT WE CAN CONTROL HOW WE RESPOND Then — WE LEARN.

– Yza Bella