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PedoHub, A pedophile website on ZeroNet

Last week, I did see that website and posted on my facebook timeline but didn't pay attention on their contents but I revisited it and saw bunch of videos, which I think very similar to the Lolita City back then. ( I registered to saw what kind of contents present on it.) The site was own by Pexo and luckily I have found some ways to contact him/her.

I will definitely repeating all over that I didn't register for the purpose of becoming one of them but to do my task as Darknet researcher or reporter rather. This is the hardest part of accessing such websites not knowing you could be in danger. Browsing such sites to know how they works or operated.

Here are things I know about this website.

[Does accessing their website illegal?]

~No, you are not.
While this hub is likely to contain images that are illegal in many countries, files are only downloaded to your computer if they are needed.
This means, that images will get onto your machine, only if you click on them within ZeroMe(or any other zite, that supports the ZeroMe merger hubs). Just viewing this page is not illegal. Using this hub or just seeding it to read the posts made by users of this hub is also not illegal as long, as you are careful with the images in those posts.
(Of course, here in our countr,such files are completely illegal, so don't try to download some either from here or other websites.)

Is PedoHub a HONEYPOT?
No it is not.
This page does not require any JavaScript to be activated. You can check this, by adding /raw/ in front of the address of this hub, or clicking this link, which will do that for you.

The source code of this hub can be found at the git repository over on GitCenter, where I publish the source code myself.

Since we are on ZeroNet you can(unlike on clearnet sites) actually verify, that the code in the repo is actually the code running on this hub.

By design of Zeronet, there is no server where this hub is hosted, so there is no server, that could run, log and do who-knows-what. This means all source code for and any file in this hub(and any zite in general) must visible and accessible to everyone at any time. You can simply look at those files to check, whether or not the source on the git repo matches the actually executed code.

This way you are able to know what exactly the hub is doing and don't have to blindly take my word for it and know that I didn't just remove the malicious lines of code before I posted them to the GitCenter repository.

( I did what he said, definitely not a HONEYPOT.)

Photo Below is the Homepage of PedoHub and Pexo's ZeroMe profile.

Homepage of PedoHub

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