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YAFI: Yet Another FreeNet Index

By: Yza

[Disclaimer: I am not liable for any misuse of these contents and I am creating such contents for only awareness. I am not also promoting or endorsing such activities. Access them on your own risk.]

Tor is not the only place where you can see hidden services such as pornography, in fact almost anonymous networks has at least of it. They are grabbing the opportunity that these networks' anonymity to use it on their own desires. Among the pedophile websites I have discovered on FreeNet is YAFI, many of its indexed links contains of Child Pornography.

(See photo below)
As a DarkNet Researcher, I bravely enough to enter atleast two of links of it and found out some are just mirror websites from Tor Hidden services.

StarLolita, one of the active eepsites( FreeNet sites) that hosts such activities. On their website, they said all girls range from 6-16 years old.
Here are some name of the files I saw:

Inserts by Cor_Net: (Probably user or the site admin)

CHK@ZdgmfzBqbXyHz-GYNOse~iM4tLk8pApeo16TtSHWsQM,Dx9-y8cn9p2mnkyiNmIico-kloAhUF52tC6pCPqrcrE,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Lina (new05).rar
CHK@QR-IrbP7PjCYDUcZOTKgUJHFvHuRbpY4C5vTCVKC3sg,Z4UBULefMXsRX4BJo2ySWgLvXSo3kmIirDBhiIGA4ek,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Maria & Jessica (new06).rar
CHK@NWlsys~dxtBBQpQiAHl2PP59zCP31F5nXyNLUFPCnTY,qsGCeSJbJOKlDbQu7hadG7DCmn3a2GC-ZFFWStym2RE,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Nancy & Maria (new08).rar
CHK@ejqJPAX5i0P162s2~p3jr43jI65rEtcxiaLqXqn6tHw,sXLCdZG6p8uefijyAor7tbGWicuhU16VnWDLwLLOO0U,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Nancy (new10).rar
CHK@ovn6zi4NFrhEsFk6FmJaOxCs40AaHmZLxxnNKdoQaPo,UaloSeBtr9Ymmfsx7aj-SMVovPWx1NLEcUATNfIlDTc,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Olga & Nastya (new01).rar
CHK@mwQUFVVdTLXmWcMFiacpmLAkg2fGkmGqB5TpF~Em2W8,7P52UEsB5rlo-yBmtw6dCcaHD7mdKX4PbVlhH-rmSIw,AAIC--8/Starlolita-Veronika (new02).rar

I repeat, I am not encouraging you to visit such links and for it, I won't give the link.